Unlocking the Potential
of Leaders and Teams.

"A different understanding of leadership has emerged recently. Leaders are being encouraged to include stakeholders, to evoke followership, to empower others.
We cannot help to influence any situation without respect for the complex network of people who contribute to our organizations."

- Meg Wheatley,
      Leadership and the New Science

"A leader's job is to help people
have a vision of their potential."

- John Porter

Team Alignment Through Expectation Mapping:
Building Your Team Brand Within Your Organization

Inspired Performance has created a proprietary process for helping your teams engage effectively across your organization. In today’s fast paced business environment it is exceedingly important to develop the right relationships and manage the expectations of internal business partners to achieve your goals. We have proven ways to provide your teams with the insights and techniques to succeed in aligning to achieve performance goals within the team and across departments.

Senior Team Meeting Planning and Facilitation

No where is team alignment more critical than within the senior team. Being able to represent the function you lead while taking an enterprise view of issues and challenges is not a simple task.  Establishing norms for this team extends beyond the meeting room. As leaders, the senior team sets the tone for the culture and behaviors across the organization.  Preparation for these sessions is key to setting the stage for mutual understanding through open discussion. We have helped senior teams from a variety of industries focus on how to best:

       • Lead Change
Launch an Engagement Strategy

Establish and Communicate Priorities

Kick Off Innovative Challenges
Role Model and Enterprise Focus

Team Building and Effectiveness

Creating customized team sessions which are tailored to your specific needs is our strength. We first meet with the team leader to define the goals, objectives, desired outcomes, strengths and potential barriers to success. Then we design a combination of team awareness and activity sessions that will enhance learning and skill development. But awareness alone is not enough to drive new performance. Most individuals and teams have the right intent but finding the time to devote to new skill development or new behaviors is a challenge. We work to create processes and next steps that quickly follow up the learning to make change happen. Our goal is to provide both the awareness and the application of new skills to quickly improve performance. 

Emerging Leaders

This customized service engages a small team of emerging leaders with a combination of team learning and individual coaching to rapidly address issues emerging leaders face.  Three key areas are addressed: the ability to get things done through others rather than doing it themselves, using influence appropriately across the organization, and building a business network across the organization.