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Unlocking the Potential
of Leaders and Teams.

"The key is not spending
time, but investing it."

      - Stephen R. Covey

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for it is a thing to be achieved. Pick a path, set a direction, chart a course and then turn our plans into actions."
      - Author Unknown
Organizational Change

One constant in business is that change never stops. How leaders position their teams to adapt, anticipate, plan and approach the challenges ahead with confidence and commitment is a prime requirement of continued success. Inspired Performance has extensive experience in helping leaders chart a course, roll out a strategy and engage an organization in continuous growth initiatives. Our innovative and practical designs have received international recognition from the Organizational Development Institute as a winner in the Project of the Year series.

We partner with clients in a variety of ways to make organizational changes successful.
 Our services range from leader advisory sessions to large group interactive meetings. We are happy to discuss needs, provide case studies of past engagements, and create options for your consideration. Some examples of organizational change initiatives include:

Launching Innovation Initiatives

      • Unifying Culture Following M&A
Adapting to New Business Realities

Launching Engagement Strategies
      • Developing Successors for Key Positions

Developing Successors for Key Positions

It is never too early to plan for continuity in leading your business into the future. Inspired Performance has proven strategies and techniques for identifying key positions, mapping the required success factors, reviewing potential candidates and developing strategies to improve candidate readiness.

Meeting Facilitation: Moving From Discussion to Action

We specialize in helping clients plan for, orchestrate and facilitate meetings that engage the audience and turn the momentum of the discussion into action. A common challenge is that meetings take up an increasing amount of people’s time and this time investment does not always result in action. Inspired Performance has earned the reputation of designing and facilitating meetings that get results. This is a specialized process that is tailored to your specific needs and may impact small teams or large, cross functional groups. Some examples of our work include:

      • Strategic Planning Sessions
Senior Team Alignment

Team Reputation and Branding

Expectation Mapping

Program Team Structure and Roles

      • Enhancing Collaboration
Improving Business Partner Interactions

Conflict Resolution