INSPIRED PERFORMANCE LLC       Executive Services

Unlocking the Potential
of Leaders and Teams.

"There are countless ways of
achieving greatness, but any
road to achieving one's maximum
potential must be built on a bed-
rock of respect for the individual,
a commitment to excellence, and
a rejection of mediocrity."

- Buck Rodgers

Executive Coaching: Helping Leaders Reach Their Potential

Our Executive Coaching service follows a 3-step process.
 First we help leaders Gain Focus by exploring their leadership philosophy, their current and desired reputation, and gaining insights from their manager, key business partners, peers, and direct reports. These insights focus not only on current perceptions of reputation but also on future expectations, which allows the leader to create a meaningful plan of action for the future. Next, using the leaders' personal goals and the input from their stakeholders, we create a plan to Take Action. This plan is reviewed with the manager then we partner with the leader as specific actions are implemented over a period of months to build the foundation for success. The plan also identifies the desired outcomes, so we can measure progress and Achieve Results. These actions and results are reviewed with the manager at the close of the program and a process for sustaining progress is created.

Each coaching assignment has a specialized focus.
Our range of coaching assignments includes:

Achieving Leadership Potential – helping good leaders become great leaders by building their leadership brand and investing in their continued development.

New Leader Assimilation – whether it is a new leader joining the organization or a leader who takes on a new team assignment, the first 90 days are critical to forge the pathways to success.

Senior Leader Advisory Service this service is customized to meet the unique needs of senior leaders.
 Our process provides a trusted advisor who will “hold up the mirror," share frank feedback, and then create options for leaders to consider and act on to enhance their personal success.

Conflict Resolution – sometimes events or personalities create a barrier to a leader’s success.
 We help leaders identify and own their issues, and then create and implement strategies to remove obstacles, rebuild relationships, and restore successful progress.