Unlocking the Potential
of Leaders and Teams.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
           - Henry Ford

"The first step in leadership has nothing to do with leading others – it begins with self reflection: knowing your strengths, your aspirations, your moral compass, and then setting a direction for personal growth. Begin with self awareness, listen to feedback, then set your goal, define your path, map your strategy, and engage others on your leadership journey. Only then can you truly lead others.
          - Author Unknown

Team Alignment Case Studies

Partnered with the President of an $8 billion chemical company to align his team behind new strategies that would integrate previously siloed business units. Created strategies to define the specific business process and behavioral changes that needed to occur to achieve success. Facilitated two senior team sessions where the President and his direct reports worked through customized case studies and exercises resulting in stronger alignment behind these changes.

Designed and facilitated an integration process for the sales and marketing team of a major pharmaceutical firm that acquired a business from a competitor. Created strategies to integrate the business processes, and to build a unified culture that sustained the best practices of each firm. Individually coached team leaders, then worked with the full team to ensure the design was implemented across various locations consistently.

Helped an entrepreneurial business adapt to the corporate culture of a new parent company.  Following their acquisition, the president and his direct reports needed to align with their new business partners and lead the business unit in accepting new controls and restrictions their entrepreneurial style was not previously used to. Key issues in adapting successfully to this new culture included concepts of alignment, accountability and authenticity. Worked individually with each leader, then collectively as a team to create a workable strategy for this change. Used a process created by Inspired Performance called Expectation Mapping to ensure full team understanding of and alignment to drivers of success.

Partnered with the leader of a business unit of a major pharmaceutical firm
challenged with repositioning his business to reclaim market leadership. Worked individually with the leader to create the strategy, then designed and facilitated a process to engage his direct reports in the new mission. Built profiles of success establishing the criteria for new team members and an assimilation process to ensure they were integrated into the new way of working their market. The business has turned the corner in revenue goals and is on a successful path to sustained growth.

Worked with the General Manager of a medical devices firm
to launch an Innovation Strategy designed to re-fill their diminished pipeline. Designed and facilitated a 2 day session that engaged cross functional teams to explore possibilities by understanding the innovative process, creating options for the future, presenting those to the senior team to secure funding and support, and selecting targets to implement. As a result of this session 4 new viable products were identified, priorities were selected and one product is in development.

Partnered with the Division President of a Japanese firm
to establish stronger business relationships across the formerly siloed organization. Designed a process for the president and his direct reports to Build the Brand of their Team. Using the Expectation Mapping process created by Inspired Performance, we focused on Reputation, Relevance to Business Partners as the foundation of direction setting. Next we identified the key behaviors leaders would need to role model and expect of their teams to create the collaborative reputation they sought and open up opportunities to share learning and customer relationships across the firm to enhance their success.

Executive Coaching Case Studies

Coached the CEO of a U.S. manufacturing business which was purchased by a French parent. The issues the CEO faced included: integrating his direct and dominant leadership style with the more subtle style his new peer group used, building a reputation and relationship with his new boss and colleagues at the parent company, and adjusting his forceful presence at meetings to have impact without shutting down participation by others. Following self assessment and team 360 exercises the leader gained a keener insight into what others needed and expected of him and was able to adjust his behavioral choices to adapt to his new colleagues. He was promoted during the next year to report directly to the Chairman of the parent company.

Coached the CFO of a publishing business in adapting to the top financial leadership slot.  This position required significant interaction with the leadership team so the coaching focus was on broadening the CFO’s reputation across the business and leveraging the already positive impression the CEO held of her talent. Using 360 interviews and selected assessments, together with stakeholder mapping strategies, we developed a plan of action that was implemented over a 6 month period which resulted in building stronger business partnerships across the firm and defining a specific strategy on how to use influence and persuasion, particularly with her peer group.

Coached the CFO of a financial services business to broaden his leadership influence across the leadership team. Worked closely with the CFO to define the potential areas he could leverage with the senior team and with his direct reports to move beyond the perception that he was “only focused on the numbers.” Initiated discussions on drivers of success to enable better dialogue with his peers that could showcase the depth of business savvy he could contribute to the team. He is now a much more respected and valued member of the senior team and is a possible successor to the division president.

Coached the president of a business unit of a global financial services firm in leading a re-branding effort for the firm. Using a combination of team sessions with her direct reports and individual coaching sessions we crafted a specific strategy for her to implement in engaging the organization to accept and commit to the re-branding effort. This work enabled the team to focus their effort and exercise a disciplined approach to change resulting in the adoption and implementation of new initiatives sooner than the team expected.

Coached the Global Head of Innovation for a consumer products firm
in building a collaborative innovation strategy that would be supported by the senior team and implemented across global businesses. Using the Expectation Mapping process created by Inspired Performance we linked the vision of the leader with the expectations of key business partners to form the foundation for discussions, alignment and commitment to action by the global leaders.  We then created an Engagement Strategy to launch the program and ignite the enthusiasm of teams across the organization. In the first year 5 new possibilities were identified and funded.